《Prologue: Hong kong street》

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Published in Hong Kong
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Ménos 由一班擁有相同攝影理念及遠境的香港攝影人於2018年成立。我們希望可以聚集彼此的力量, 譲更多人重視香港本地攝影文化及創作。

Prologue 是Ménos的第一本結集 ,收錄了十一位成員過去數年在香港拍攝的相片。生於斯, 長於斯, 從家出發, 開展讓大衆認識我們之序章。

「Ménos」在古希臘語中意為Mind(μενος),拉丁語系中解作Less。 境由心造,象由心生。由「心象」到萬象,在這個相片泛濫又虛無的年代,我們致力令攝影變得真實及純粹。

Ménos was established in 2018 by a group of like-minded individuals who shares the same ideal and vision on photography. By gathering each other’s power, we aim to promote public awareness on local photography culture and creation.

Prologue is the first album of Ménos, featuring works taken by 11 of our members in Hong Kong during the past few years. We hope to introduce ourselves to the public beginning from our hometown.

“Ménos” means “Mind” in ancient Greek, “Less” in Latin. In the age of image and utilitarianism, from our mind to our world, from each of us to the whole group, we aim to take photography to reality and make it pure.

Book Size:180mm x 245mm
ISBN 978-988-79862-0-1
270 pages
Colour, Black & White
1st Edition
July 2019 - 500 copies
Language:Chinese, English


《GNMA - 跑到了群馬縣的山上 In the Mountains of Japan's Gunma Prefecture》

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Published by Brownie Publishing ltd as part of the BAKING COLLECTION.

In spring, 2017, Etienne Leung participated in an artist residency in Onishi, a small town with the population of seven thousand people in the Japan’s Gunma Prefecture, Japan, where she shot a short documentary film Lucky Boy.

Being motivated by the local residents’ enthusiasm and vitality of life, Etienne wandered around in the town during the process of shooting her film, and captured candid moments in town through photography, exploring how the local people found happiness in their everyday lives.

In this event, the author will be sharing her work and experience in Onishi, alongside a private screening of her recent work Lucky Boy - A short documentary film about explores how a single father pursues his ideal lifestyle in the midst of nature and the peasantry.

This short film was awarded Special Mention Winner in this year’s "Paris Lift-Off Festival" and “Amsterdam Lift-Off Film Festival".

2017年春天,年青女攝影師梁凱淩參與了一項藝術家駐留計劃,在日本群馬縣鬼石町 - 位處山上,一個人口只有約七千人的小社區內住上了六週,並進行紀錄片拍攝。 受到當地居民對生活的熱情與活力所感染,在進行紀錄片創作的同時,她開始在這小鎮內四處亂跑,拿著相機拍下當地的各種人和事,用單純的心去探索這座山上人們簡樸卻歡樂的日常。 《GNMA - 跑到了群馬縣的山上》為出版社brownie publishing支持新晉年青藝術家項目「BAKING COLLECTION」的第4部作品。 

Book Size:W249mm x H160mm
ISBN 978-988-77970-2-9
80 pages
Colour, Black & White
1st Edition
Nov 2017 - 300 copies
Language:Chinese, English